Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Damn Near Spring

I can't believe I've let this blog sit idle since August or earlier...time flies, but like a jet !  So many changes...the new cd, The Blue Highway, will be coming out (after many self-inflicted delays) in about a month, on Lowden Proud, which makes me label-mates with my friend Stephen Fearing !  Cover art is done and masters go to manufacture Monday (watch here for posts).

I didn't tour Spain in the Autumn, as was the plan; a combo of flaky promoter and economic disaster caused me to pull the pin on that one, triggering a small economic disaster at my house (lost a few grand on that turkey, I'll tell ya).  But, by producing 2 other cds while working on mine, playing every gig that came along here in Southern Alberta, and touring with Big Dave Mclean I've returned things to their normal, shaky footing.

The tour with Big Dave was a riot, mostly sold-out houses.  Thanks to all the presenters and audiences alike.  It also kept me from being able to attend the Folk Alliance conference in Toronto...I'm not sure that's a bad thing, as I haven't left a FA conference with any new work for some time now.  It strikes me a little bit as a party for the entitled (presenters/managers/etc.) and the desperate (performers).  I'll probably do it again but not at the drop of a hat.

My wife and I spent a lovely week in Seattle before the holidays, a consolation prize for the collapse of the Spanish tour.  I've played there many times over the years but Jo had never been.  We had a lovely time and I got to play tourist (The Underground Tour) and visit the Experience Music Project again, while Jo shopped for yarn.

I'll spend mid-April to Mid-May at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa as musical director for the play, Big Mama : The Willie May Thornton Story; then drive to California for a visit with family; then it's festival time (more on that soon !)>